Management Team


Dr Khalid Bashir Bajwa


Dr. Khalid is a world renowned scholar in the field of embedded systems software & design. He received his PhD award from UK in Computer Vision and B.Sc.Computer Systems degree from NUST Pakistan. He is a technology enthusiast and teaching is his passion.

Sohail Abbasi

Director Technology, HR

Sohail, an industry expert in system and software architecture. He has extensive experience across the technology industry and has been involved with development of enterprise applications and IT Network & Infrastructure Development. He holds an MBA from NUST Pakistan, M.S. degree from CASE Pakistan and B.Sc. Engineering in Computer Systems from NUST Pakistan.

Inspirational Figures


Rana Ahtasham Anwar (Late)

Founding Member

Ahtasham was a passionate entrepreneur and a founding member of Untangle Solutions. He had over 12 years of experience in the development of various web technologies and solutions. Ahtasham held an EMBA degree from NUST Pakistan, M.S. degree from Portsmouth University-UK, and B.Sc. Computer Systems from NUST Pakistan. He died of Cardiac Arrest on 4th May 2016. His passion and love for Untangle Solutions continues to serve us as a guiding light in moments of adversity.

Business Development Team


Wajid Khan Sadozai

Offshore Business Development Manager

Wajid is our Offshore Business Development Manager based in the Middle East. He has 6+ years of experience in sales, particularly in the area of process equipment and related software packages. He is currently residing in Qatar and has a firm grasp of the Middle Eastern Market. Wajid holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from UET Lahore.

Jaudat Mamoon

Business Development Manager

Mr. Jaudat Mamoon is the Business Development Manager @ UTS.He has diverse professional experience of 10+ years recently as an Assistant Professor in NUST SEECS, and previously as a Marketing Manager at Vodafone, Germany.He holds two Master degrees in Technology Management and Communications Engineering from EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland and TUM Munich, Germany respectively.

Development Team


Furqan Ahmad

Senior .NET Developer

Furqan is one of our senior programmers. He did his bachelor’s from International Islamic University, Islamabad. He is an expert in .NET Application Development but is also proficient in various PHP Frameworks.

Bushra Mushtaq

Web Designer/ Developer

Bushra is one of the junior member of our team. She did her bachelor’s from Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi. Designing and java development is her passion. She is currently working on web designing and development.

Muzammil Hussain Shahid

Virtual Reality/C# Developer

Muzammil is an arising entrepreneur and one of the junior member of our team. He got a Bronze Medal in BS(CS) from Comsats Institute Of Information Technology,Islamabad in 2017. Project Management, Problem Solving and Algorithm Designing, Robotics, Information Security is his passion.

Omer Arshad

ML Engineer

Omer, a passionate researcher in the field of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. He had done BS(CS) and MS(CS) from FAST-NU Islamabad. His interest lies in solving real life problems using Machine learning and deep learning techniques.

Majid Rafique

Web Designer/Artist

Majid is one of the junior member of our team. He did his bachelor’s from Bahria University, Islamabad. Web designing is his passion and he love designing cool websites. He also has an eye for aesthetics and is responsible for designing all the graphical content used in our websites.